5 Pregnancy Posture Tips from Life Balance Chiropractic to Relieve Your Discomfort

Since I become pregnant, I have started to regularly get a sore back. What tips would you recommend for easing my back pain as its getting me down?


Dear Mum,

Have you ever known someone in your circle of mums to experience back pain? Most people would say yes and so is considered normal.

But in reality, it’s common but not normal. I’ve just finished up reading a study and I learned just how common it is for pregnant women to experience some form of back pain in pregnancy.

Back pain in various forms is reported by 50% to 80% pregnant women at some point during their pregnancy. Muscle laxity, increase in weight and changes in the body structure can cause the body to sway backwards and change where the load is.

What kind of posture problems are generally faced during pregnancy?

The natural posture that the body follows during the gestation period is slouching in which the back is not straight. This causes pain in the middle back area. Other wrong positions include keeping the legs hanging while sitting, being in half sitting position in bed, sitting with the body bent forward and sitting without back support. All these positions put strain on the lower back area and contribute to the curving of the spine as well as swelling in the legs.

Maintaining a good posture

Sitting straight- It is important to keep the back straight while sitting. Your feet should touch the ground and the back should be supported with a pillow. Also, try put your knees below 90 degrees so the natural curves are maintained in your spine.

Pulling in the abdomen- The swaying back position with a protuding stomach should be because it causes pain in the shoulder blades and the lower back. You should try to pull in your abdomen as much as possible and keep your back straight while standing or walking.

Ruling out sleeping on the back- It is advisable not to sleep on your back because it puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels which are located on the right side of the spine and stops blood circulation.

Keeping legs elevated- You should try and put up your feet as much as possible in order to prevent swelling in the ankles and reduce pressure on the feet.

Leaving heavy work alone- Carrying loaded bags or vacuuming are some of the chores which you should designate to somebody else if you want to get relief from back pain. But that isn’t always possible, is it? So, if your unable to avoid it, make sure your distributing the weight evenly where you can and twist from your hips not your spine, by keeping everything tight and in line when you doing stuff around the house.

Lisa’s Story

Every birth story is different and as unique as you are. We understand that everyone wants the best possible outcome and one that is right for you.
Lisa began receiving regular chiropractic 3 years ago. She previously had severe headaches and lower back pain, that were stopping her working, but these had been resolved and she was seen regularly by Life Balance for her health and wellbeing.
She continues chiropractic care when she fell pregnant because she had experiences first-hand the positive impact is has had on her life.

“In the six months before conceiving my first child, I was exercising regularly, eating well and getting adjusted regularly as I wanted to be in the best shape possible as I was getting married. That came and went and fell pregnant after our honeymoon. I continued to see the guys at Life Balance Chiropractic every week during my pregnancy and did this because after years under care, I saw the benefits of regular chiropractic care. I know it helps the body to change and wanted to be as healthy, comfortable and in the best position possible, hence I increase the frequency to once a week.
“Thus, I had no problems and no pain during my pregnancy and felt great. I could move and sleep easily and could continue to do some light exercise with friends. I put this down to good health and exercise before conceiving and receiving chiropractic care from the guys at Life Balance throughout my pregnancy. I’ve since had one more child and in all my pregnancies been under regular care for the stresses and strains and common aches and pains of pregnancy. It has helped me stay active, comfortable and mobile throughout all of them and let me do me and my life well. My labors all went well and despite big babies and big toddlers (thanks hubby!) and all the babies were 3 weeks overdue, I could remain fit and well throughout”.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

There’s no time in your life when regular chiropractic treatment will be more important than when you are pregnant. Pregnancy is such a unique special time in a women’s life and every mother needs a support team on this journey. That’s why we at Life Balance are proud that so many mums to be choose us to be on their team.

Our Approach

At Life Balance Chiropractic we see 100’s of mums-to-be so are well prepared to help support you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. Life Balance Chiropractors are all trained in Webster’s pregnancy technique and have established close relations with many midwives throughout London.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy creates Alignment, Balance, Lordosis and Ease. Ensuring that the mothers spine and nervous system can work at their optimum and provide the best possible environment for the developing baby. With the pelvis in a balanced state, ligaments connected to the uterus maintain an equal supportive suspension for the uterus.
Relief of these constraints may also offer the best possible chance for baby to be in the right position when labor commences.
If the pelvis is out of balance, these ligaments can become torqued or twisted and cause uterine constraint. When your balanced it will help, you adapt to pregnancy more gracefully and easily, by relieving the tension and making you more comfortable and allowing you to perform at your best.

Find out More About Webster’s Technique here

Final thoughts

It’s important to note that, we are just one part of a team in every pregnancy that includes your partners, midwifes, doulas, gps , obstetricians , yoga teachers, family and friends. We respect the choices of all our clients and provide support as and when it’s requested.

What the Midwives say
Many midwives refer their clients and their new babies to use for chiropractic care. Because of its safe and gentle nature, it’s a great way to promote comfort and confidence in the body and minimize back pain during your pregnancy and to support the natural birthing process.

Naomi works as a NHS midwife and is an independent midwife and has no doubt that chiropractic treatment has helped many of her clients with comfort during pregnancy and improved birth outcomes:
“As a Midwife I recommend chiropractic treatment to all my client’s. In my experience, antenatal adjustments promote general well-being, manage common pregnancy ailments and improve birth outcomes. “Postnatal treatment aids a smooth recovery for mothers and treatment for babies may help to establish more successful sleeping and feeding behaviours and facilitate a calmer child. The benefits of chiropractic are numerous. “I not only advocate chiropractic treatment for childbearing but as a continuous lifestyle choice for the entire family. Life Balance Chiropractic specialises in pregnancy and new-borns and will provide a professional and family friendly service.”



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