How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Headaches

Headaches are very common and cause a lot of discomfort. According to a recent study, 99% of women and 93% of men experience a headache at some point in their lives. The biggest contributing factor for headaches is neck pain. The headache which is a result of neck pain is known as cervicogenic headache.


This is a secondary headache which is caused by a disorder in another part of the body, namely, the cervical spine. There are various pain sensitive components in the upper neck or cervical area as well as at the back of the head.


  1. Sitting in one place or position for a long time

  2. Lifting heavy items

  3. Slouching for a long time

  4. Twist in the neck

  5. Neck trauma

  6. Bending the neck for a prolonged period

  7. Stress

  8. Bad sleeping posture


Pain in the upper neck, back, forehead and base of the skull is a typical symptom. Vision also gets blurred in some cases.


If you are suffering from upper back and neck pain, one of our chiropractic team at Life Balance Chiropractic Centre will work with you to establish the source of the pain before moving on to a specific treatment that’s right for you. A visit to the Chiropractor at Life Balance Chiropractic can be of immense help. The non-moving joints are given specific gentle chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine, relieving strain from the affected parts of your back and reducing pain and improving mobility and getting you stable so you can get back to living your life well.

Global movement for neck pain headaches are very effective. These can be tried at home in the form of neck exercises.

  • Leaning the head to the left side as if touching he left shoulder and holding for 30 seconds can give a good stretch. This exercise can be repeated for the other side.
  • Another position is leaning the head forward as if trying to insert the nose in the armpit. This position should also be held for 30 seconds. It can be repeated on the other side.


A 35-year old woman was suffering from an injury to the neck during an accident. Due to constant pain at the base of the skull, cervicogenic headache got triggered. She was experiencing dizziness and nausea because of the headache. With the help of Chiropractic solutions, the damaged area was gently treated and adjusted. As the stiffness in the neck muscles released with time, the intensity of the headache got reduced and could be her again without interference.


Apart from Chiropractic solutions, reduction in stress levels, increase in water intake, move more are just some things you can do. P.S if you’re on your phone or laptop all day then your headaches may be caused by this so check out how to Avoid text neck


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