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We believe health doesn’t happen in a doctor’s surgery; it happens in people’s everyday lives and the life balance they seek is a big part of that.

We magnify people’s lives by supplying products and services which aim to rebalance. Our services are safer, easier and more enjoyable to use as we utilise science, technology and our own health ethos.

We want to offer a place that is not just somewhere people go to improve or maintain health, but also a sanctuary where people go find their life balance.

Our goal with Life Balance Chiropractic is for people to discover health & wellness on their terms, find their fulfilling life balance and to produce a safe culture for their children to thrive in a modern world.


Our Vision is to unite people on their journey towards balance.

We believe that many families are living in a constant state of stress and remain uncomfortable in their own body, limiting their potential. They have lost perspective on the principles of healthy living. We know that less time struggling with chronic pain, health challenges and fatigue creates the capacity and potential for people to find more meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life, so they can deliver more value to the world.

We believe keeping up with life shouldn’t be an obstacle when expressing your potential. By constantly pushing the boundaries of our Life Balance system of chiropractic, we are disrupting an industry that for too long has been stuck in a therapy model, trying to fix complex problems with one-dimensional practices.

Company History

Built on a social mission to do good and solve meaningful problems by improving the health and wellbeing of those who visit us.

We were certain there was a better way and in 2018 created what ultimately became the Life Balance system of chiropractic.

Our founder, DC Josh Smith opened our first clinic location, creating a space where he could teach his methods while continuing to service personal clients. Shortly after, Rosie Holloway joined Life Balance as co-founder, Manager and Director of Operations.


Our mission is to make health accessible, approachable and enjoyable for all. Our aim is to leave you inspired and enable you to find your balance. We want to be one of the leading producers and providers of the best human-first, outcome based natural family wellbeing, performance and chiropractic brands with the best chiropractors in the world. Our system encompasses health, wellness and education through our network and specific family chiropractic clinics.

We regard our mission statement as a commitment to our clients, stakeholders and partnerships. We will deliver on that commitment by providing a gold standard service. While our goal is improve the wellbeing of each person, we intend to disrupt the entire wellness and healthcare industry by showing people what’s possible.


Raise Clarity

Be Self Aware

Act as if you can’t fail

Entrepreneurial spirit

Build Community

Have Fun

Who Dares Wins

Be The Change


Find Your Life Balance

Ready to find your balance with our Life Balance system? Give us a call on 01202 684859 or book a session with your local chiropractor in Poole!


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