What can you expect from our chiropractors?

We want to focus on one thing: You. Have a seat, put your feet up and relax. We’ll help take care of your body now. Help us, help you. For us to give you the best possible experience, there are a few things we need from you.

Read more below on what you can do and expect before, during, and after your Life Balance session.

Fill Out the Online Intake Form

Fill out the online intake form from your appointment confirmation email. Please arrive 15 mins prior to your appointment. Completing it beforehand helps your Life Balance Chiropractor be more prepared to deliver the best experience possible.

What do I need to wear?

Whatever you like! We’re not the judgmental type! We don’t need you to take any clothes off - don’t worry there’s no dodgy hospital gowns involved. We simply ask you to take your shoes, belts, jewellery, and any heavy coats or jumpers off. Loose fitting clothes are easier, but not essential.

Stay Hydrated and Limit Food

Your body needs some love! Keep well hydrated before and after your session for the best results, most of the world is chronically dehydrated. Try not to eat any heavy meals for the hour before your appointment.

Open Concept Clinic

We believe in an open concept clinic, so our chiropractic tables aren’t enclosed by drapes and we don’t ask you to undress. We are all friends here. However, for your initial day one assesment, you will be in a private room. This applies to progress projects too, where we objectively check your progress along the way. If you prefer a private Life Balance session, no sweat! Make sure to let us know when booking your appointment.

What to Expect

Life Balance Chiropractic Sessions are designed to make you instantly work better. Warning: many members report you may experience feeling younger!

The Able Method

We don’t just look at posture. Posture does not equal alignment. Posture is the relationship your body has with gravity. We look at how your body works and functions in your daily routine. We assess the way that your joints move and evaluate the level of control that you have over them. You may have restrictions that are locking the body and the mind in certain patterns of stress - our experts are here to uncover them.

We assess the way that your brain prepares your body to move by assessing how your body supports you. You may have restrictions within the joints and soft tissue, reinforcing the improper connection from your brain to your body and to your movement-control. We will work with you to correctly develop a plan to maintain the changes that we make so you can live with unrestrained movements.

We look at the relationship your body has with gravity and work with your physiology rather than against it. You may have restrictions causing an increase or decrease in your curves, putting them in all the wrong places and as a result, reducing your healing ability long term.

We assess the current state of your autonomic nervous system and its vital role in the body’s ability to effectively regulate, function, coordinate and heal. Your nervous system may well be out of sorts, which is like driving your car with the handbrake on. So why don’t we take that off? Our 7-step process is designed with you in mind. Leave the stress on standby. It’s that feeling when you feel most like you, when the world feels like a bike that you’re riding, not a bus that you’re chasing.

The BodScan

This is where you begin! After a review of your health history and life effect, your initial session begins by assessing how your body is working. To better understand your alignment we use skilled motion palpation with our hands and our BodScan.
We will then assess the way your brain prepares your body to move, through how your body supports and keeps you in balance. After that, we look at assessing your body’s relationship with gravity to better understand how to work with your Lordosis and physiology and not against it.

The Shift

Then we assess the current state of ease in your central autonomic nervous system so we can correctly develop a map to get you managing your stress resilience and recovery better.

The Motion Study

From this point, your Life Balance Chiropractor, if clinically necessary may decide to use our MotionStudy digital x-ray to get a deeper understanding of your alignment, mobility and bio-mechanics that could otherwise change how we work to optimize with your body.

The Art of the Specific Adjustments

Our expert chiropractors will work strategically with you and deliver safe and highly effective hands-on specific adjustments.

Number of Sessions

Each individual case varies significantly and your Life Balance chiropractor can give you a more accurate time frame following your initial experience.

Can You Go Back to Exercising or Training?

Good question. Make sure to discuss this with your Life Balance chiropractor during your session to plan around your busy schedule.

Feeling Sore or Slight Discomfort

Very occasionally people may feel almost a post-gym type soreness or slight discomfort after a Life Balance session.
But don’t worry, a slight ache or soreness for a few days after is completely normal. Just like a great workout, as your body gets used to the Life Balance system and you are more consistent with your sessions, you’ll have momentum behind you and be flying.

Keeping the Changes

A great Life Balance Chiropractic session is like a great workout – you need to keep recovery in mind. Make sure to discuss this with your Life Balance chiropractor as this is often overlooked in the industry.
This can be the difference maker between an adjustment holding or not.
Between sessions it is important to remain consistent with your water intake to assist in the recovery of your complaint areas.
The same applies to sleep, try your best to get a good night’s rest by having an evening ritual.

Spread the Joy

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