How to End that Back Pain and stiffness without having surgery, using pain killers or having to wait for your GP appointment.

“If I could just find a comfortable position”, “I don’t understand how this has happened”, “Nothing I do is helping or providing any relief”.

Do any of those sound like you?
Is your back pain not going away and maybe even, getting worse? Is it stopping you from living a full and active life?
How many treatments have you tried that haven’t corrected the problem so far? Often you do get some short term relief, however, end up in a cycle of becoming back in pain again.

A Life Balance we firstly want to find out Why it is happening. We then figure out what needs to be done in order to move forward.
Giving realistic time frames, a care plan and costs.

Choose which option works best for you

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Here from Marlene and How Life Balance Chiropractic Centre, Poole helped her.

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