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    What training do Life Balance chiropractors have?

    All our Life Balance chiropractors come from a licensed professional background. In addition to their professional 5-year university masters training, they are required to go through a rigorous internal training on the Life Balance techniques and system when they join our team of chiropractors. They’re also encouraged to attend monthly technical trainings where we bring in some of the top therapists in the world to teach on various subjects to our staff.

    How is Life Balance different than other therapies?

    The uniqueness of Life Balance Chiropractic starts with the belief that in some way, everything is connected to everything else. Many therapies don’t have a goal outside of working on what hurts and that specific area only.

    With Life Balance Chiropractic, we start by looking at the global picture of how your body is ordered, aligned and balanced, how your body moves, its curve relationships and its state, and how one issue can lead to problems elsewhere. This helps us look strategically and systematically at identifying the root cause of any pain, dysfunction, or areas of stress holding you back from performance improvements. From this point, we work with only specific chiropractic adjustments to create lasting change

    Is Life Balance Chiropractic painful?

    The adjustments themselves don’t hurt. Sometimes if a joint is particularly stiff, it can feel a little uncomfortable, but this is short lived and It depends a lot on your individual pain tolerance and experience with being treated. Very occasionally, people find some discomfort here and there during the first few sessions, but because we work at a deep level releasing long-held tension and stress you’ll instantly work better after your session. Based on thousands of hours of refining the Life Balance Chiropractic framework, we’ve learned that to create a permanent change, at times techniques are required that are as specific as possible. If at any point in time you’re feeling uncomfortable, just let your Life Balance chiropractor know and they can adjust how they care for you.

    How long does a Life Balance Chiropractic session last?

    Your first visit is split over two visits, dayone experience. This will include: a detailed consultation, extensive case history, spinal analysis including our bodyscreeen digital posture assessment, Shift objective stress resilience and recovery study and detailed examination which takes approximately 30 minutes.

    * Digital X-rays not included. Set of films are: £65.

    And your daytwo experience. This will include: your full report of findings and answer 4 questions. 1. Whats wrong 2. can you help me 3. How long will it take 4. How much is it going to cost. This takes approximately 30 minutes.

    Regular visits are approximately 10-15 minutes in length depending on a variety of factors.

    Will I get treated during my initial assessment?

    We have found that it can all be a bit too much to take in. Our clients get much better results when we separate your first appointment from your report of findings and first session.

    How do I choose which Life Balance chiropractor is right for me?

    All our Life Balance chiropractors working within our clinics have gone through extensive training beyond their professional schooling to successfully provide solutions, solve and improve a wide variety of real-world challenges that our clients bring to us every single day. There’s strength in numbers, and the strength of the Life Balance team comes from the learning and talent development of our team working together. In short, you can’t go wrong with anyone on our team – choose your Life Balance chiropractor based on the location and times that are convenient for you.

    How many sessions do I need?

    Your Life Balance chiropractor will be able to provide you with an accurate timeline following your initial assessment dayone experience and daytwo report of findings.

    How can Life Balance Chiropractic help me if I’m not in pain?

    When we talk about turning the power on, we mean it. Don’t wait for an injury to build up. Our modern lifestyle habits of being glued to a chair or couch for many hours a day or in front of a computer screen does not allow our body to work or maintain itself the way it’s supposed to. Add in some weekend warrior activities, a stressful week with very little movement, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    On the other hand, if we take the time monthly to address your muscular tension and spinal tension, improve your stress resilience, recovery, energy, movement patterns, address lifestyle factors, and ensure that we’re dealing intelligently with tweaks and aches before they become a major problem, you’re going to feel better, move faster, and live a longer more fulfilled pain free life.

    Do I need a GP to refer me to Life Balance Chiropractic?

    Clients do not need a referral to be treated by any of our Life Balance chiropractors. However, some private insurance companies do require a doctor’s referral for chiropractic. Please check with your private insurance company before making an appointment.

    What does Life Balance Chiropractic cost?

    You can find our pricing here.  If your using your insurance to help subsidise some of your care sessions, your responsibility will vary so please confirm the details of your coverage with your insurance provider prior to making a reservation.

    Is Life Balance Chiropractic covered by insurance?

    Life Balance Chiropractic is provided by our team of fully licensed chiropractors and depending on your policy, can help subsidise your Chiropractic care.

    Do we bill directly to your insurance provider?

    Currently we don’t bill directly to your insurance provider. Cash or all major credit cards are accepted. At the time of payment, we will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your private insurance provider for subsidising part of your care and gaining reimbursement up to your policy amount. You will be responsible for the rest of your care based on your recommendations.

    Can I get Digital X-rays taken at a Life Balance Chiropractic Center?

    Yes, we have the state of the art medical technology and plan to offer digital x-rays as a service within our clinics.

    I want to work for you!

    Great! Please visit Careers to submit your application for your desired role. We’re currently hiring chiropractors and front desk support for our Poole Headquaters. 

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