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Dr Joshua Smith DC


Co-Founder Principal

 I believe that keeping up with life shouldn’t be an obstacle to expressing your innate health potential. I believe regardless of industry or family, for many people the pursuit of happiness and a common goal to achieve a better self and deliver impact can easily damage their health, and the consequences can be life-changing.
I’ve seen it in my own family with my mum and my dad. I believe feeling let down or disappointed shouldn’t stop people from seeking their fulfilling life balance, and I know that less time struggling with recurrent chronic back pain, sport injuries, low energy and family health challenges, creates the capacity and potential, for people to create health on their terms, optimise each day and find their life balance.

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Rosie Holloway

Co Founder

Practice Manager

I believe that through chiropractic we can allow the body to heal and perform to its fullest potential. Being in and around Chiropractic and Chiropractors for the last 10 years of my life I have become inspired by the Chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic is something that I have always felt passionately about and love seeing everyone’s individual Chiropractic journey.
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Nicole Mumford-Jobaire

Client Experience Co-Ordinator

Hey I’m Nicole. I joined Life Balanace in October 2019, however have had Chiropractic adjustments since I was born. My mum is a Chiropractor and actually lectured at the AECC.
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Nicholas Naprta

Associate Chiropractor

Hey, I’m Nicholas. a Chiropractor here at Life Balance, I joined in September 2020. Having moved to Bournemouth for college, I loved it so much I have stayed 🙂
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Laura Mann

Client Experience Co-Ordinator

Hey, I’m Laura. I joined Life Balance in June 2020, however, have been a client at Life Balance since 2018 when Rosie and Josh first opened. I swear by it
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