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How to ease your Neck and Shoulder Pain naturally, before it gets any worse…


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“My Neck Pain isn’t going away”. “My shoulder is clicking”. “I want to relieve neck pain at the base of the skull”. “I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder blade”

Does this sound like you; are you constantly suffering from neck or shoulder pain which you just cannot seem to find relief from? Searching for that one thing that will be the best neck and shoulder pain treatment for you?

How many treatments have you tried that haven’t corrected the problem so far? How many pieces of equipment have you bought (such as a back cracker)? Often you do get some short-term relief, however, end up in a never-ending cycle, resulting in more neck/shoulder pain. We often find that with many of our clients when they first visit our chiropractic clinic, one symptom can cause another to arise, such as a trapped nerve in the shoulder causing pain in other parts of the body. Many people just like you in our clinic have searched for the answers and found relief in finding a chiropractor for shoulder pain or neck pain.

If you have found yourself wondering “Chiropractor for neck pain near me?” or “Where can I find a chiropractor for neck pain?” then look no further…

At Life Balance Chiropractic Centre in Poole, we first want to find out why your pain is happening through a detailed consultation and full functional exam. We then figure out what needs to be done in order to move forward. Giving realistic time frames, a care plan, and costs.

We pride ourselves on not only correcting our client’s symptoms through chiropractic treatment but educating them on how to prevent neck pain or shoulder pain from returning. Your chiropractor will explain how chiropractic adjustments can help correct poor posture to therefore align your nervous system resulting in positive pain relief.

If you are looking for a chiropractic for neck pain, or help on how to cure neck pain fast, it’s important to know wherever you may visit goes that extra mile to take care of you. Life Balance is one of the most prestigious, multi-award-winning clinics, specialising in the latest cutting-edge technologies, including a digital private x-ray department.




Our experienced international team does everything we can to create a pleasant, customised experience. It is important for us to connect with our patients so we can deliver the best care for them.

During your first visit, we take the time to listen and gather your unique health story and how your back pain is affecting your life.

chiropractic consultation at Life Balance Chiropractic clinic


We gather the most powerful data about your body, spine, muscles and nerves. We test (not guess!) to discover the underlying cause of your back pain through our comprehensive structural and nervous system proprietary assessment. This may include standing digital X-rays.

We have a proven process that empowers you to be the architect of your health, allowing you to get your quality of life back, achieve your lifestyle and keep it that way.

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The Life Balance 5 Indicator Methodology

Physical Health Indicator

What physical symptoms do you experience along with your back pain symptoms?

This can look like shoulder pain, poor posture, muscular pain, reduced range of mobility, frequent headaches or migraines.

Mental Health Indicator

Are your loved ones noticing a difference in your demeanour?

You may experience mood swings, a change in social behaviours, exhibiting unusually emotional responses or have become socially withdrawn.

Recovery Health Indicator

That persistent back pain may be disrupting your life in ways you might not expect.

This may manifest as trouble sleeping, waking up regularly throughout the night and feeling lethargic.

Lifestyle Health Indicator

Has it been hard to do the things you enjoy?

Perhaps you’ve noticed body discomfort with a loss of fitness, strength, mobility or flexibility with associated metabolic and digestive issues.

Resilience Health Indicator

What is your state of being as the days go by?

You may feel wound up, have high levels of stress and anxiety, run-down, burnt out or stuck in your body. You may have difficulty ‘switching off’ when you come home from work.


Step 3: REPORT

We analyze your results with you to accurately report on our findings of your unique health insights.

Patient education is an important aspect of the experience. All your questions and concerns will be addressed during this crucial part of the consultation.

You will feel certain about what your problem is, whether we can help you, and how long it will take to heal. To ensure we provide effective treatment, we will also discuss no-obligation recommendations for care, what we can do to solve your back pain and the costs involved in working with us.

our chiropractors are trained in using the latest cutting edge technologies in x-ray to treat, give advice

Step 4: CARE

If you do decide we are a good fit for each other and we accept your case, our professional chiropractors with years of combined clinical experience will support your health goals and transformation every step of the way.

We use the latest cutting edge technologies for precise and efficient healing.

Treatment sessions usually involve spinal manipulation which are specific adjustments designed to restore motion, improve blood flow to the soft tissues and correct the subluxations (misalignments) we found in your spine.

The care is painless and it will unlock those bones and free up those joints, nerves and muscles that have been locked up, so that not only will you stop having the back pain, but bring back a state of ease and immediately feel like pressure and aware of a weight coming off your back.

Throughout your sessions, there will be rigorous monitoring and revisions that evolve according to your health journey.

Before you know it, you can get back to living life the way you love!

our chiropractor dr josh assessing the spine and low back for areas of related stress


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