What can you expect from our chiropractors?

We want to focus on one thing: You. Have a seat, put your feet up and relax. We’ll help take care of your body now. Help us, help you. For us to give you the best possible experience with our process, there are a few things we need from you.



Our experienced team of chiropractors does everything we can to create a pleasant, customised experience. During your initial consultation, we take the time to listen to you so you feel heard,  gather your unique health story and how your problem or health concern is affecting your life.

chiropractic consultation at Life Balance Chiropractic clinic


We gather the most powerful data. We test (not guess!) to diagnose the underlying cause of your problems through our comprehensive structural and nervous system assessment.

Our proven process empowers you to be the architect of your health, allowing you to get your quality of life back, achieve your lifestyle goals and keep it that way.

In addition to our proprietary assessment, imaging tests such as X-rays and spinal scans may be utilised to obtain more accurate results.

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The Life Balance 5 Indicator Methodology

Physical Health Indicator

What physical symptoms do you experience along with your health concern?

This can look like sciatica, neck pain, leg pain, reduced range of movement, muscle weakness, frequent headaches, and migraines.

Mental Health Indicator

Are your loved ones noticing a difference in your demeanour?

You may experience mood swings, a change in social behaviours, exhibiting unusually emotional responses or have become socially withdrawn.

Recovery Health Indicator

That stubborn pain may be disrupting your life in ways you might not expect.

This may manifest as trouble sleeping, waking up regularly throughout the night, vivid dreams and feeling lethargic.

Lifestyle Health Indicator

Has it been hard to do the things you enjoy?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a loss of fitness, strength, mobility or flexibility with associated metabolic and digestive issues.

Resilience Health Indicator

What is your state of being as the days go by?

You may feel wound up, high levels of stress and anxiety, wired, run-down, burnt out or stuck. You may have difficulty ‘switching off’ when you come home from work.


Step 3: REPORT

Our client experience team will then assist you in scheduling your next visit at a time that works best for you. During visit #2 your chiropractor will discuss your findings. All your questions and concerns will be answered during this and we’ll break it down into an easy-to-understand plan. We’ll then guide you through an expertly planned treatment sequence to reach your goals. Crystal clear, no hidden fees, in language you’ll understand.

You will feel certain about what your problem is, whether we can help you, and how long it will take to heal and correct, no-obligation recommendations for care, what we can do to solve your problem and the investment involved in working with us with your different financial options.

our chiropractors are trained in using the latest cutting edge technologies in x-ray to treat, give advice

Step 4: CARE

If we accept your case and we both mutually decide we are a good fit for each other, our professional team of chiropractors with years of combined clinical experience will support your health goals and transformation every step of the way.

Treatment sessions usually involve specific adjustments tailored to your needs. We also use the latest cutting-edge technologies for precise and efficient healing.

Throughout your appointments, rigorous monitoring and revisions will evolve according to your health journey. This might involve lifestyle advice and customised exercises to support your healing and prevent future injuries.

Before you know it, you can get back to living life the way you love!

our chiropractor dr josh assessing the spine and low back for areas of related stress


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    We enable families to live a better quality of life by making their bodies a better place to be throughout their life.

    Take a proactive approach to your overall physical health today!

    As one of the top multi-award-winning clinics for chiropractic treatment, we ensure a high level when it comes to patient care and customer experience.

    “The moment you believe your body is worth caring for, connecting with and creating a better place to be, is the key to living life in alignment and continue to do the things you love”

    Chiropractor Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch


    Our chiropractic clinic is located in Poole, Dorset. We also extend our services to clients living along the South, including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Wimborne Minster and surrounding areas.

    OPEN 8 AM – 7 PM

    Free parking on-site

    Free parking on-site

    Early and evening appointments

    Same-day appointments


    Read more below about our process on what you can do and expect before, during, and after your Life Balance session.

    Fill Out the Online Intake Form

    Fill out the online intake form from your appointment confirmation email. Please arrive 15 mins prior to your appointment. Completing it beforehand helps your Life Balance Chiropractor be more prepared to deliver the best experience possible.

    What do I need to wear?

    Whatever you like! We’re not the judgmental type! We don’t need you to take any clothes off - don’t worry there’s no dodgy hospital gowns involved. We simply ask you to take your shoes, belts, jewellery, and any heavy coats or jumpers off. Loose fitting clothes are easier, but not essential.

    Stay Hydrated and Limit Food

    Your body needs some love! Keep well hydrated before and after your session for the best results, most of the world is chronically dehydrated. Try not to eat any heavy meals for the hour before your appointment.

    Open Concept Clinic

    We believe in an open concept clinic, so our chiropractic tables aren’t enclosed by drapes and we don’t ask you to undress. We are all friends here. However, for your initial day one assesment, you will be in a private room. This applies to progress projects too, where we objectively check your progress along the way. If you prefer a private Life Balance session, no sweat! Make sure to let us know when booking your appointment.

    What to Expect

    Life Balance Chiropractic Sessions are designed to make you instantly work better. Warning: many members report you may experience feeling younger!

    Can You Go Back to Exercising or Training?

    Good question. Make sure to discuss this with your Life Balance chiropractor during your session to plan around your busy schedule.

    Feeling Sore or Slight Discomfort

    Very occasionally people may feel almost a post-gym type soreness or slight discomfort after a Life Balance session.
    But don’t worry, a slight ache or soreness for a few days after is completely normal. Just like a great workout, as your body gets used to the Life Balance system and you are more consistent with your sessions, you’ll have momentum behind you and be flying.

    Keeping the Changes

    A great Life Balance Chiropractic session is like a great workout – you need to keep recovery in mind. Make sure to discuss this with your Life Balance chiropractor as this is often overlooked in the industry.
    This can be the difference maker between an adjustment holding or not.
    Between sessions it is important to remain consistent with your water intake to assist in the recovery of your complaint areas.
    The same applies to sleep, try your best to get a good night’s rest by having an evening ritual.

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    Ready to find your balance with our Life Balance system? Give us a call on 01202684859 or book a session with your local chiropractor in Poole!


    We stand behind our product 100%, but most importantly, we believe in having the best interest of one person – you. We guarantee that we will work hard to the utmost detail, and treat you with honesty and integrity as we work together to find your life balance. More questions? Check out our FAQs